Il Ratto di Ganimede, Anton Domenico Gabbiani, Olio su tela, 1700 ca., Gallerie degli Uffizi, Firenze


Amori Divini

07 Jun – 16 Oct 2017

Metamorphosis in Greek myths has been one of the most fascinating and thought-provoking themes through history, starting with Ovid’s work up until more contemporary psychological interpretations.

Throughout history various disciplines from humanities to literature and especially art have been fascinated with Daphne, Narcissus, Echo and Hermaphrodites, creating portraits that have become an integral part of our collective imagination.

This exhibition explores these themes through ancient myths and different types of transformation, analysing the tension between identity and otherness. A journey through Greek myths and their fortunes, analysing the commonalities in each story. Although the exhibition draws much of its content from Ovid’s works, it also explores the theme from a wider perspective, taking its cues from the images and iconography of metamorphosis found in Pompeii.

The vast selection of objects includes, aside from numerous wall paintings depicting mythological subjects, mosaic panels, bronze and marble furnishings, jewellery, bronze and metal utensils. Each myth is accompanied by a selection of more recent works (from the early Modern Age to Contemporary) that shed light on the fundamental stages of the reception of these Greek myths.

Start date
Wednesday 07 June 2017

End date
Monday 16 October 2017

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli
Piazza Museo, 19
80135 Napoli
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Curated by
Anna Anguissola and Carmela Capaldi, with Luigi Gallo and Valeria Sampaolo

Promoted by
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, organised by Electa


  • Amori Divini

    curated by Anna Anguissola, Carmela Capaldi