Dal Tramonto all'Appia


Festival dal Tramonto all’Appia
“Italian Form” dance show

08 Jul 2018

Music, dance and words at Cecilia Metella

The last of the four events of the Festival dal Tramonto all’Appia 2018, organised with Electa, to be held in the complex of the Cecilia Metella Mausoleum, in front of the medieval church of San Nicola.

Sunday 8 July – 8.30 pm

“Italian Form” dance show

with Vivo Ballet, choreography Enzo Celli.

The archaeological sites will remain open beyond the usual time to enjoy the beauty of the setting at sunset (until the end of the events at Cecilia Metella).

Download the complete Festival programme (in italian)



Full 5 euros. Two-consecutive days ticket valid from the issuing date for Villa dei Quintili, Santa Maria Nova, Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella.

Reduced (2.50 euros) and free for those eligible.

The ticket allows free access to the events.

With Mia Appia Card at a cost of 10 euros unlimited entry to monuments and events for 365 days. Buy online Mia Appia Card.


Rome Mobility guarantees the 660 bus service until midnight (last departure) on the evenings at Cecilia Metella.

Luogo Roma
Data 7 August 2018
Orario 8.30 pm
Marchio Electa