Bookcity Milano 2017 – Music week a Bookcity: 40 anni di musica dal vivo in Italia (Music Week at Bookcity: 40 Years of Live Music in Italy) Claudio Trotta

19 Nov 2017

19 November 2017, 6 pm, Teatro dal Verme, Sala Piccola, Via San Giovanni sul Muro 2, Milan.  The publication of No pasta no show (Mondadori) by Claudio Trotta offers an opportunity to retrace 40 years of music, stories and passion, beginning with a reading of some pages of the book, entrusted to Giampiero Ingrassia. With Claudio Trotta, Luca De Gennaro, Giampiero Ingrassia and Gian Paolo Serino. The event is part of Bookcity Milano 2017.

Luogo Milano
Data 21 July 2018
Orario 18.00
Marchio Mondadori